Digital is the future of sports

What we do

LiveMode works with sports entities to maximize their digital presence and to unlock new revenue streams.

For sports federations, leagues and teams

  • LiveMode produces your original digital content and distributes it on the platforms where your fans are
  • LiveMode develops and engages your communities of fans
  • LiveMode develops business models to monetize your digital properties with platforms, sponsors and consumers

For Social Networks

  • We increase your audiences by providing original sports content, live
    and on demand
  • We use your platforms to foster and unite communities of sports fans
    around their passion

For Sponsors

  • LiveMode enables you to develop branded content in engaged communities around original content produced by the sports entities.

For Sports Fans

  • We provide original content of the sport you love when it happens and
    on the platforms on which you are connected
  • We enable you to live and share your passion with other sports fans
Who we are

We have over 30 years of combined experience with sports content, generating engagement and developing business models and revenues for new, disruptive platforms.

Edgar Diniz

CEO: led team from start up to sale to Turner/Time Warner


Investor in technology and content start-ups in Brazil and in the Silicon Valley

Sergio Lopes

Commercial VP: led revenue generation from sponsors, PayTV and Telecom operators

Investor and board member in technology and content start-ups in Brazil and in the Silicon Valley

Our Core Belief

Digital is the future of sports

At LiveMode, we believe that the future of sports entities depends on their digital strategy.

Our mission

Our mission is to help Sports Federations, Leagues and Teams to thrive in the digital age, by engaging their fans and developing new revenue streams for them.